Andy Warhol, Love Sex & Desire

The unique ink drawing by Andy Warhol pictured here, was selected from our corporate collection for the cover of a new landmark publication by @taschen : “Andy Warhol, Love, Sex & Desire” edited by @michaelhermann. This drawing and others by Warhol are availble for exhibitions.   Please contact us here for any enquiries. 


Taschen: Before from Warhol’s rise to the pinnacle of Pop Art, he created and exhibited seductive drawings celebrating male beauty. Andy Warhol Love, Sex, & Desire: Drawings 1950-1962 features over three hundred drawings rendered primarily in ink on paper portraying young men, many of them nude, some sexually charged. They lounge or preen, proud of or even bored by their beauty, while the artist sketches them, rapt. They rarely engage with their keen observer, and likewise Warhol’s focus is on their form, their erotic qualities, and unbridled sexuality. If his subjects are content to revel in their attractiveness, so too is Warhol. His confident hand illustrates a multitude of colorful characters, yet also reveals much about this enigmatic artist.


Published for the first time and chosen by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts @warholfoundation . Edited by the Foundation’s #michaeldaytonhermann, essays by @blake_gopnik & @drewzeiba with poems by James Baldwin, Thom Gunn, Harold Norse, Essex Hemphill & Allen Ginsberg. Designed by @mikomcginty

December 8, 2020