Convoco Foundation Podcast

Podcast: Dr. Corinne M. Flick interviewed Simon Oldfield about NFTs, Blockchain & the Arts

Simon Oldfield joined Dr. Corinne M. Flick on her podcast for the Convoco Foundation on her podcast for thediscussing NFTs and blockchain, and how the technology can act as a new medium for artists, bring positive change to the art world and empower marginalised artists. They also discuss the challenges and obstacles, legal and practical, that must be resolved for mainstream adoption, from weeding out nefarious activity in the crypto space to tackling widespread intellectual property infringement and the need to improve the experience for artists and collectors by removing crypto jargon. Simon touches on a few of the NFT projects that he is involved with, which we look forward to sharing soon, and turn to the future for NFTs, blockchain, web 3.0 and the impact this new technology will have on the art world. It is a fascinating conversation and we are grateful to Corinne Flick and everyone at the Convoco Foundation. 


You can listen to the podcast on Apple, Spotify and at the Convoco Foundation.
July 6, 2021